The UN forecast a decline in Ukraine’s population by 18% until 2050 year

The population of Ukraine by 2050 year may be reduced by 18%. Such data are the Organization obyedinennyi Nations. One of the main factors of labor migration of the population, according to “112 Ukraine”.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin stressed that every year abroad leaves about 1 million Ukrainians. Such a statistic he calls a disaster.

“We have a really catastrophic situation. About a million of Ukrainians leaves annually. We believe that, unfortunately, this trend in the near future will continue,” predicts Klimkin.

“We had 52 million when it all started, and now formally 38 million minus 5 million Donbass and the Crimea, so – 33. And that’s without taking into account emigration. Formally, the Ukrainians really live in Italy, France, Czech Republic, Russia. Think about it, half a million Ukrainians annually and half a million is a whole Mariupol”, – stated the leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

According to political expert Elena Dyachenko there are two reasons for the migration of Ukrainians. First, it is difficult to find a permanent job with decent pay.

“The second phenomenon, which is inherent in the actual Ukraine is the poverty of working people. Is when a person has a steady job, but what she earns she is not enough to for example, by UN standards, to go beyond the poverty line,” – said political expert Elena Dyachenko.

Elena Dyachenko believes that the massive migration of population of Ukraine threatens loss to the economy of the whole country. After all, leaving people of working age who could contribute to the development of the state.

В ООН прогнозируют сокращение населения Украины на 18% до 2050-го года

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