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Accused of having violently struck his wife during a violent altercation in the month of October, Gary Goldsmith, uncle of Kate Middleton, says today of his guilt.

Gary Goldmisth a plea of guilty. A month ago, the maternal uncle of Kate Middleton was in the tabloids for facts of domestic violence. At the head of a fortune estimated at more than € 30 million, the fifty-year-old was violently taken from his wife Julie-Ann while they were returning from a charity event in a taxi. “He yelled and insulted, told their driver. She slapped him and his glasses fell. He responded by striking her in the face with a left. She fell and hit her head on the ground. “An assault of unprecedented violence that had earned him the prohibition to approach or contact his wife, who, on his side, had been hospitalized.


Summoned to court this Tuesday, November 14, Gary Goldsmith, has finally confessed to the facts, as reported by the Daily Mail. If he incurs a penalty of 6 months imprisonment, it is more likely that he is finally condemned to work in the general interest. This is not the first time that the business man is experiencing trouble with the law and made the headlines of the gutter press. Consumer of cocaine, he had been photographed with white powder at a party in Ibiza in 2009. More recently, in may 2017, it has been accused of sexual assault by a mother and her daughter during a holiday in Portugal.

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