The United States launched the world’s most powerful supercomputer

США запустили самый мощный в мире суперкомпьютер

Americans are again ahead of the Chinese competitors

USA has commissioned a new supercomputer Summit, which power twice as much as its competitors. The performance of this computing machine reaches 200 200 petaflops, or thousand trillion operations per second, reports the BBC.

Recent world leader – the Chinese supercomputer Sunway Taihu Light – has the processing power in 93 petaflops.

Summit will work primarily in the field of astrophysics, cancer research and system biology.

Supercomputer located at the National laboratory oak ridge, Tennessee. It was developed by IBM together with the manufacturer NVIDIA.

Summit consists of 4608 servers and has more than 10 petabytes of RAM. Development cost about $ 200 million. A supercomputer consumes 20 megawatts of power – as much as is necessary for the maintenance of a small town.

The EU also is not going to lag behind in the race of calculations in Brussels will allocate one billion euros to create their own supercomputers.