The unity of the opposition will change the political map of Ukraine – expert

Объединение оппозиции изменит политическую карту Украины, - эксперт

The decision of the party “For life” and “Opposition block” about unification of the opposition should change the political map of Ukraine. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said political expert Volodymyr Katsman.

“Today’s event will change the political map of Ukraine, because on the flank, which represents the political forces of the South-East and center of Ukraine, there were serious changes. In fact, there was a single platform, but we understand that over time it transformirovalsya a political party that goes to elections-presidential and parliamentary, as announced today, two of the signatory of this agreement, which will nominate a single candidate for the presidential elections and which remains open to unite all other political forces in the parliamentary elections,” – said the expert.

Speaking of who may become a single candidate from the opposition, he noted that such options, there are several.

“I expect the elections will go approximately 50 people… Next week, obviously, will tell us that the candidate from this political force… as long as it remains an open platform. And while this platform did not work all the forces and individuals who want to participate in it – obviously the train to send too early,” said Katzman.

As noted, the party “For life” and “Opposition bloc” signed an agreement about unification of the opposition and urged other political forces to join the General “platform of the Opposition For life”.

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