The Universe found the most ancient supermassive black hole

A group of scientists from the United States of America has managed to find a black hole, whose mass exceeds weight of the Sun in a few hundred million times. Scientists have stated that they intend to find out the reasons of its occurrence, as such mass contrary to the laws of physics.


New black hole that was found on the giant distance from earth, exceeds the mass of the Sun in about 800 million times. Scientists have noticed that its weight defies logical explanation, as if to suggest that after the Big Bang, a massive star turned into a black hole and began to continuously increase their mass as fast as possible, it still would not be able to reach the record numbers that were recently discovered.

Researchers believe that at the heart of most galaxies are massive black holes with the mass, which is greater than the sun to a few billion times, however, scientists say that the formation of such black holes is different from the usual science of the collapse of stars.