The update fixed a funny problem with the calculator in iPhone

Funny problem with the calculator in iOS devices has been fixed by Apple with released update of the operating system 11.2. She arose in the course of work with a calculator.


The bug was the fact that during the pressing sequence of the keys 1,2 and 3 (they should be folded), the calculator gave a result of 24 instead of 6. In order to obtain the correct result, should enter the equation slowly.
The reason, according to Apple, has become too slow response of the keyboard to press a second time plus. As a result, the program mistakenly thought that the user wants to add 1 and 23. Now the error corrected.

In addition, 11.2 introduced support for wireless charging for iPhone Plus and iPhone 8/8 X. Also started to work better the stability when shooting video and significantly expand the opportunities of system, Apple Pay Cash.