The us democratic Party is not Québec solidaire

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The left of the democratic Party is not uncontroversial these days, but the chances that this party is becoming more radical to the point that it promises to transform the United States into a paradise/hell socialist are slim.

According to some commentators of the right, and the leaders of the republican Party, including Donald Trump, the radical left would have taken hold of the democratic Party.

This party would become a u.s. version of Quebec solidaire ? Would he have lost any notion of what represents the direction of an economy based on private enterprise ? No, of course not.

The voice that shock

A wave of newly elected democrats has swept Washington since the mid-term elections. This wave is disturbing, but these new voice of the left brings a wind of revival in a country that needs them.

With at its head the young representative of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the left wing of the democratic Party calls for the injection of new ideas in the public square, including a tax more equal, the expansion of social protections, public health insurance for all and a commitment more serious in the fight against climate change.

Their rallying cry is the ambitious Green New Deal. Should you take this plan at the foot of the letter ? Probably not, but let us remember what some were saying about Donald Trump prior to his election : if he does not take it literally, it is a mistake not to take it seriously.

In the pre-primary campaign presidential democrats, these ideas resonate with the potential candidates and it is not surprising that many of them give credit.

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This is not to say that aspiring to the inauguration democrat party will have to take all these proposals, even the most unrealistic, at the foot of the letter, to win. On the contrary, if the electorate as a democrat is open to progressive ideas, it is not less conscious of the need to present a credible alternative leadership to defeat Donald Trump.

The ideas of the left will not end in the democratic platform in 2020 to the extent that the principal spokespersons of the party can articulate their compatibility with the society, the economy and the political institutions in american existing.

No promises in the air

If he is healthy for the democratic Party opens the door to new ideas, its leaders know that the american political system is designed to make radical reforms difficult.

Even if the democrats have a resounding success in 2020, the obstacles to the reforms of the left are numerous. The democrats also know that it is risky to promise mountains and marvels without being able to deliver the goods.

The democrats will have beautiful game to include ideas resolutely progressive in their program in 2020, if they are feasible, as the alternative of the right trumpiste is certainly no less radical.

But they know very well what a party that thinks seriously to govern cannot afford the luxury of promises in the air.