The US said about the hacker attacks from Ukraine

США заявили о хакерских атаках из Украины

The US said about the hacker attacks from Ukraine
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Photo: Reuters

The attack was aimed at the conduct of the elections.

Investigators said the United States attempts to intervene in the local election in Tennessee. In their opinion, the attack was carried out from the territory of Ukraine. This was reported by CBS.

– Given the suspicious activity and, especially, proved concurrent malicious tampering with IP addresses in Ukraine… I think, it is reasonable to hypothesize that it was a deliberate action, – said the Deputy Director of the County of Knox on information technology.

No significantly damage a hacker attack did not cause. However, the work of the resource was suspended for about an hour.

According to experts, such actions can greatly affect the level of trust of voters to elections as such.

Earlier, the Ministry of homeland security has confirmed that on the eve of elections of the President of America in 2016 from hacker attacks injured 21 in the state.

And in July of 2017, the head of the CIA Mike Pompeo said that Russia intervened not only in the presidential elections in 2016. He noted that the intervention was in the 2012 election, when Barack Obama defeated Republican MITT Romney, and even before.