The US state Department urged Russia to stop blocking the navigation in the Azov sea

Госдеп США призвал Россию прекратить блокирование судоходства в Азовском море

The U.S. state Department condemned the blocking by Russia of navigation in the Azov sea and called for an end to provocation. A statement released on August 30.

“The United States condemns the blocking by Russia of international shipping in the Azov sea and Kerch Strait. Russia has detained hundreds of commercial vessels from April and in recent days has stopped at least 16 commercial courts, which went to Ukrainian ports,” the statement reads.

Emphasize that Russia’s actions are another example of the continuing campaign to destabilize Ukraine, and disregard for international norms.

“The US supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within internationally recognized borders, which include territorial waters,” said the US state Department.

Note, the recent activity of Russia in the Azov sea has increased significantly. The Russians do not allow trading ships to the Ukrainian ports and out of them easily pass through the Kerch Strait.

In addition, on 15 July in the sea of Azov, Russia detained for inspection 148 vessels. In this regard, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed the Minister of defense, the chief of the General staff and high command of the Navy of Ukraine to take measures to stop Russian provocations against blocking entry of ships in Ukrainian ports on the Azov sea.

The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine has developed a package of measures in response to Russia’s actions to block shipping in the Azov and Black seas. It was reported that the package of measures includes limiting passenger traffic with Russia.

Ukraine has also advocated the imposition of sanctions against the black sea ports of Russia due to the blockade of the sea of Azov.

Recently, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has instructed the national security Council and foreign Ministry to develop proposals to ensure the interests of Ukraine in the Azov sea.

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