The Uyghurs are demanding Beijing evidence of life of their loved ones

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Of the Uyghurs in the diaspora have launched a campaign on social networks in order to press Beijing to provide evidence of life of their loved ones, a number of members of this ethnic turkic and muslim being interned in China.

Launched Tuesday on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #MeTooUyghur (#MoiAussiOuïghour), this operation comes in reaction to the dissemination by the media of the chinese State of a video of a man posing as Abdurehim Heyit, an artist uyghur disappeared.

This clip at 26 seconds had been released to the public after the statement on Saturday by the Turkey that to this singer and poet, had died in detention. Ankara was on this occasion strongly denounced the treatment of this minority by Beijing, speaking of ” disgrace to humanity “.

With approximately 10 million members, the Uyghurs are the main ethnic group in Xinjiang (in northwest China), a region that has common borders with Afghanistan. Regularly hit by deadly attacks attributed to the Uighurs, it is the subject of a high police surveillance.

Up to a million people, mostly Uyghurs, are believed to be held in re-education centres policy, according to experts cited by the UN and the organizations of defense of human rights. Beijing denies these charges and speaks of the “vocational training centres” against islamist radicalisation.

“The chinese authorities have released a video to prove that Mr. Heyit is still alive. Now, we want to know : where are the millions of Uyghurs? “said Halmurat Harri, a Uighur based in Finland and who claims to have created the hashtag #MeTooUyghur.

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He has indicated to the AFP that his parents had been prisoners, but that they had been released in the past year.

The campaign #MeTooUyghur has pushed members of the diaspora to post messages containing photos of their mother, father, sons, daughters, or friends, asking for their news.

Many Uighurs can’t contact their relatives in China, phone calls and e-mail applications are under strict supervision, said to the AFP Rushan Abbas, an activist based in the United States. It even requires a video of her sister, a physicist, sent a course of vocational training “.

Arslan Hidayat, son-in-law of an actor famous, has posted a video on Facebook, saying his father-in-law had disappeared and calling for a “video as proof of life” for him and other people are ” imprisoned in concentration camps chinese “.