The Vatican commented on the us report on sexual abuse of priests against children

Ватикан прокомментировал американский доклад о сексуальном насилии священников над детьми

The Vatican responded to the report of a large jury of Pennsylvania on numerous episodes of sexual abuse of priests against children, expressing their condolences to the victims. This is stated in the statement of the head of print services of Vatican Greg Burke, Vatican News reported.

“As for this week’s report in Pennsylvania, there are two words that can Express the feelings that arise because of these awful crimes: the shame and the sorrow,” said he.

Burke also noted that the Church needs to make the incident right conclusions, and the responsibility for the incident should be charged with not only direct perpetrators, but also those who covered their crimes.

“The Holy see calls for further reforms and vigilance at all levels of the Catholic Church to ensure the protection of minors and vulnerable adults from harm. The Holy see also wishes to stress the need to respect civil rights, including the mandatory reporting requirements of abuse of children,” he said.

Recall, earlier a Grand jury in Pennsylvania state, USA, issued a report a total volume of 884 pages, which documented over 1,000 cases of sexual violence against children, committed over 300 priests in six dioceses in the state for the period since 1950. The state attorney General Josh Shapiro also said that senior representatives of the Church as in the state and at higher levels to systematically cover up priests involved in such episodes.

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