The vehicles of Teo Taxi sent in Ontario

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Two weeks to the day after the closure of Teo Taxi, 170 vehicles that take Tuesday, the leadership of the Ontario to be sold at auction.

On-site, employees involved in the towing operations have not wanted to react to the camera VAT New. According to these same people, the redemption value offered in Ontario is higher than in Quebec, which explains the decision to ship the vehicles in the neighboring province.

The cancellation by the government Ford of grants available for electric cars would reduce the less margin of profit to resellers, we a-t-on care.

Remember that Teo Taxi has laid off 450 drivers and 90 employees of Taxelco. It is the accounting firm of Richter, appointed by the court at the request of the National Bank, one of the main creditors of Taxelco, who is overseeing the restructuring. Buyers and potential buyers have until march 4 to submit their bids.

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