The victim Harvey Weinstein actress Asia Argento was accused of harassment

Пострадавшую от Харви Вайнштейна актрису Азию Ардженто обвинили в домогательствах

Italian actress and Director, activist Me Too and one of the first women zagovorila of violence by Harvey Weinstein, herself was accused of sexual harassment. As the newspaper writes The New York Times, the victim was a musician Jimmy Bennett, who in the 2004 film “Chicks” played the son of the actress.

According to Bennett, the incident occurred in 2013, when he was 17 years old, and Argento – 37. They met in California, and the actress was harassed by men, despite the fact that he has not reached the age of consent in the state comes from 18 years. Protection of the musician’s claims that his actions caused the woman Bennett is so very traumatic that it shattered his mental health prevented work.

It is reported that the parties agreed to settle the conflict through compensation. Argento agreed to be paid to Bennett 380 thousand dollars. Moreover, the negotiations were closed and not reported in the press.

Thus in the NYT said that the man approached the actress for a refund a month later after that newspaper published an article exposing the producer Harvey Weinstein. Argento was one of the heroines of the publication. Recall that after the exposing of the article, the police opened against Weinstein several criminal cases. A sex scandal cost him his career. Today, the accusations against him put forward more than 70 women, some of them went to court. If its fault is proved, Weinstein faces life in prison.

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