The Vietnamese rescued the puppy by making him artificial respiration bottle

The Network got a video of how the Vietnamese managed to save the life of a small puppy that almost drowned. Undaunted, the man was able to do CPR on an animal with a bottle.


The cyclist from Vietnam became the object of public enthusiasm after the successful rescue almost drowning helpless puppy. Seeing an animal in distress, the man pulled him from the water and rubbed his body to bring to life. After that the Saviour did choking if the puppy with his tongue and quickly erected machine for artificial respiration from scrap materials, using cut a plastic bottle and fabric. The whole process of saving the animal was captured on camera, which was attached to the helmet of the cyclist.

After artificial respiration, the puppy started to show signs of life. In an interview to Vietnamese reporters the cyclist said he was not familiar with the rules of action in such situations and act on instinct.