The vows of Justin Trudeau for Canada in 2018

Photo: Justin Tang, The canadian Press
Justin Trudeau wants all Canadians to “have a real chance and equal to succeed.”

Ottawa — The prime minister Justin Trudeau urges Canadians to put into practice in 2018 the values that unite them such as openness, compassion, equality and inclusion.


In his statement of the New Year published on Sunday, he stressed that the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the country had allowed to remember that, ” millions of people, of all walks of life and from all origins, cultures and times came together to build Canada diverse, open and prosperous that we know today. “.


More darkly, he also said that these celebrations had given Canadians ” the opportunity to reflect on the moments where Canada has not been at the height of his ideals.”


Mr. Trudeau recalled that ” indigenous peoples, like many Canadians, have suffered prejudice and oppression in the course of (the) Story “. He wished that the harm to be repaired over the next few years.


According to him, his government has made “real progress” on issues such as reconciliation with indigenous peoples and the creation of opportunities for young people. However, he believes that “there’s still a lot of work to be done” in 2018.


He wants all Canadians to ” have a real chance and equal to succeed.”


“Let us go forward together, let’s put these values into practice and build a better future for all,” he said.