The wafer etched as a gift

Illustration: Philippe Girard
Two covers drawn by cartoonist Philippe Girard

They are everywhere, the paths to cross : disks found, find, released, recently recorded. And they are more numerous at this annual meeting of the cakes burned. Tables turn !

Each year, it does not miss, the records find me. And not the contrary. My best example : in August, at the corner of West Lebanon, New Hampshire, I had the late afternoon dépitée. The tour of the antique shops, counters and family charities was given that slab. White cabbage. Remained to probe a Salvation Army where, at best, I would find an old film to DVD. The section of vinyl records, I had noted the year before, was rickety. I threw, however, a brief look : as I thought, the Mantovani were risette to Lawrence Welk, the boxes Reader’s Digest me narguaient. I soupirai. I esquissai a movement of departure, while leaving my finger to browse the bottom row, that is not easily accessible. And it is at this time that my throbbing palpita. No ! Not possible ! It must not be the correct disc in the pocket ! Or it is scratched with a nail to cement ! Blood and guts. Honey West.


Yes, Honey West. The original soundtrack of the tv series spy in 1965 with Anne Francis. Disc ever seen. In impeccable state. To 99 by valiant, naming american. I have a little shudder to the box, the time that the officer would think that he has missed a treasure. I went out with my drive. It was hot. I snapped the aircon in the car : no question that the patty gondola. Back at the motel, I immortalisai the object. Back home, I listened to the disc. And let go a little cry of joy.


Other examples ? See below. Three finds per guest. The large share annual can start. And to continue next week. We listen to them tell us about their beads captured.


Phlpp Grrd, cartoonist


Judith, Judith,(Swedish) Death Polka. Sam Murdoch and Guillaume Lizotte form the duo (Swedish) Death Polka. They distil a pop alternative neoclassical eyeing du côté de chez Herri Kopter, the alter-ego electro from Jérôme Minière. The vinyl comes with a fanzine, a poster, a postcard and a CD that you can lend to your friends who are still living in 1999.


Pushing the Sky Away, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Found a ” 33 Tours “, this album is the second coffee of my Sunday morning. The cover photo is the image of the music it contains : mysterious. As to what dear Nick, even in the light of Provence, he is chased by the darkness. The decal that adorns the cake black, minimalist, reminds me of the bootlegs that I bought at Dutchy’s twenty years ago.


Blue, Joni Mitchell. When you live with a singer, we discovered that the music exists beyond the silence. This disk is placed in front of my library since my lover found it on the Exchange this fall. He stares. And when I answer his gaze, he shows me a woman who refuses to hide his injuries. In 2017, they have been many to do so.


Ariane Moffatt, singer – songwriter and multi-instrumentalist


“I listen to the vinyl to the campaign only. Small ceremony weekend, soundtrack of the time scrolls slowly. Here are three choice for three moments of the day. “


Between Lajeunesse and wisdom, Kate and Anna McGarrigle. Coffee early in the morning. I put my hand on this vinyl through the classic step-dad that we could pass on a box of disks dusty dormant in her basement… I am deeply attached to this album, the quality of the melodies and the beautiful harmonies are impressive. To his side, montreal, and nostalgia as a backdrop. It wakes you up, but gently.


Like the smell of decline, Maude Audet. For the aperitif. When the sun begins its descent and you reach the little white kind. This is the campaign I’ve listened to it for the very first time the models that Maude had given me discounts when she asked me to carry out his disk. Throughout the process, I’ve listened to the evolution of our collaboration, so it is very symbolic of finally being able to deposit the disc on my rotary table.


Hold/Still, Suuns. For the night, with the consumption of your choice. There are works that buy vinyl because they deserve to stand out from the pack of digital music and to exist more concretely in our decor. This is the case. For the ingenuity of the sounds of guitars and synths, the genius of the arrangements (between minimalism and saturation) and the quality of the mix ! A “pop art” extra-ambitious without compromise, which comes to awaken the dark side of the force that seeks to live in freedom in my nature.


Michel Rivard, author, composer and interpreter (baptisms, weddings, cocktail parties…)


Jacques Prévert said “ words , Jacques Prévert. Prévert, eternal butt screwed at oci, says his transcendent word games while the suave Henri Crolla improvising to the acoustic… a 25 cm found in France on the Net… precious !


Shine a Light : Field Recordings From the Great American Railroad, Billy Bragg and Joe Henry. Two voices, two guitars, thirteen classics on the folk train recorded in audiovérité in thirteen stations in the u.s…. it’s all a journey-and everything vinyl ! Toot-toot…


Flower, Saratoga. Lovers of words, lovers of melody and love all the short, Gasse and Chantal made me the hit of the sweetness addictive and have filled my need for velvet-vinyl this year.


Marie-Christine Blais, a mechanic, and a columnist for

Photo: Marie-Christine Blais
Marie-Christine Blais with the original soundtrack of the feature film “Easy Rider”

LC, Durutti Column. All music fans have a day, I believe, met THE guitarist against which all other guitarists are going to be compared, subconsciously : Hendrix, Page, Slash, Clapton, Richards… For me, this has been and still is Vini Reilly, the group’s british post-punk band Durutti Column. As heard on the vinyl-in particular, LK. I have been listening since then, year after year, “grafignes” included : I do not see it even not, I am with Vini.


Easy Rider, original soundtrack, various artists. Found on the sidewalk. Yes, someone has dropped the disc cult from a cult movie, on the corner of a street not worship… well, it is true, he has suffered from the time : stripes, spots, etc, But the main songs ? Impecc. The cover ? Even more beautiful because marked by the time. Finally, this incredible sentence on the back : “The song,” The Weight is interpreted in the film by The Band, but is not available for this disk. We have taken the liberty to replace it by the version recorded by Smith ” !


Ancient Heart, Tanita Tikaram. It is true that sometimes chose the vinyls for the pockets… It is in reviewing that, dramatic and very ” desert of Tatooine “, this record I wanted to listen to. To suddenly dive into a happiness physical : that caused by the beautiful deep voice of Tanita mingling with that of the oboe, in a rock record…


Geneviève borne, facilitator, and passionate about music


The collection of my big brother ! When I was little, my big brother was my musical education by making me discover the great rock classics ! This fall, spontaneously, he offered me the gift of this collection of vinyl that was used in my education !


Montreal 5 X 15, various artists. The box set vinyl of the project 5 X 15 is splendid and height of this major initiative ! Five record producers in quebec have been entrusted with the production of 15 minutes of music related to a season of Montreal. (The 5th season has been given to James Di Salvio.) The result is amazing, progressive, uplifting !


Twist and Shout, The Beatles. The vinyl-surprise ! I was in Quebec city in the Saint-Roch district at the beginning of December. Passing in front of the shop of the antique dealer, I saw in his shop window vinyl Twist and Shout by the Beatles ! I couldn’t believe to fall on this piece of the collection and pay only four dollars !!!


Dumas, author-composer – interpreter who wanders in the record shops


Link Wray, Link Wray. Find by visiting the many record stores of Portland (Maine) : an album from 1971, reissued for the first time by the excellent label Light In The Attic. It is very far from the Rumble of his debut, but it “growls” when even ! We think of Dylan, the Stones, blues, country-rock… with a nice fuzz ! My disk last summer.


Room 29, Jarvis Cocker and Chilly Gonzalès (deluxe edition RSD). My best purchase of the Day of record stores (Record Store Day) this year. The meeting of two geniuses that trace the history of the legendary room 29 of the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. Room 29 bed and listen to before going to sleep, he let himself be lulled by the voice of Jarvis and the piano of the inspired montreal Gonzalès. Travel at low prices, emotions and guarantees.


What Color Is LoveTerry Callier. Reissue Music On Vinyl bought quite by chance. It is beautiful and complex at the same time ; a mix of folk, funk and jazz, buoyed by a voice that comes from another world. How is it that I could live without this album for 38 years ?