The waste-to-Energy plant resumes work after repairs

Мусоросжигательный завод Энергия возобновляет работу после ремонта

Tomorrow, Tuesday 11 September, the incineration plant “Energy” will resume. This reports the press service of the KSCA.

“For months we have repaired the bunker household waste, performed with their own forces repairs of boilers, pumping equipment and valves, and also led in the proper state of the installation of two boilers. We have implemented all the necessary work to ensure that the plant could operate in the winter. Today “Energy” – the only Ukrainian incinerator. Therefore, we can not afford, so he stood, because his work is extremely important for Kiev. The plant burns about 25% of the capital waste, which is almost 750 tons of garbage every day! This is the waste that is taken to landfill – we’re fully utilizes them, and instead we get heat energy to residents of housing estates Poznyaki and Osokorki,” – said the Director of the plant Sergei Crier.

It is clarified that the launch of the plant will occur in several stages. First to be launched one pot, then turns to the others. Gradually will increase the volume of accepted waste – 250 tons in the first three days after launch, then 500 tons, as long as the plant will not return to the standard volume of 750 tons.

In addition, work continues on the overhaul of the crane household waste and electrostatic precipitator No. 2.

As a reminder, in early August, the “Energy” plant was stopped for planned repair.

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