The wedding of Diana Shurygina recognized as the loudest in 2017

Wedding infamous
participants of the talk show “Let them talk” Diana Shurygina became the loudest in 2017
year, according to the journalists VistaNews.


The chosen girl was
the operator Andrey Slenin (or Slogin, the name remained a mystery for press).
The groom Diana Shurygina to the marriage has behaved scandalously, the guests fought, and
Internet users called the situation absurd.
In second place in the ranking
the most high-profile weddings wedding of the prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva and
parodist Maxim Galkin. The couple lives in the married for six years, but
only now they decided to perform the rite in the Church. According to Alla Pugacheva, she
did including to were the ceremony and her
chosen. She a diva already married at the time with the pop-king Philipp
Kirkorov, and the fact that the ceremony occurs a second time, came as a shock
the public.