The white house has included in the transcript of the question to Putin about winning trump in the election

Белый дом включил в стенограмму вопрос Путину о победе Трампа на выборах

Sunday, July 29, the White house has updated its press conference transcript of Donald trump with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Now the document includes the question from an American journalist to the Russian leader about whether he wanted to trump won the election in 2016. It is reported

The question to Putin was: “You want President trump won the election? Did you send any of its officials to help him in this?”

This question was excluded from the original version of the transcripts of the White house. In Washington said that the reason for this were audiobooki, excluding “malice” in his actions, the report said.

Putin, according to the American transcript, he replied “Yes, we were. Because he talked about the normalization of Russian-American relations”.

In the transcript of the Kremlin, there is only the first part of the question: “You want President trump won the election?”, and Putin’s response only on the normalization of relations, without words, “Yes, I want”. In this audio recording of the press conference distinctly heard the answer of the Russian leader: “Yes, I wanted him to win,” reports the publication.

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