The women of Hollywood are mobilizing against sexual harassment

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images North America / Agence France-Presse
The project “Time’s Up?” (“?It is finished?”) is launched at the end of a year marked by an avalanche of accusations of sexual assault in the wake of the case of Weinstein.

Over 300 actresses, or women writers, metteuses stage and other personalities of the cinema have launched Monday a project that aims to help to concretely combat the sexual harassment, both in Hollywood and in other jobs that are less glamorous.


The project ” Time’s Up “ (” It is finished “) is launched at the end of a year marked by an avalanche of accusations of sexual assault in the wake of the case of Weinstein, which have led to the fall of influential figures in the world of entertainment, media and politics, and have led companies and government agencies to review their regulations for anti-harassment.


In an open letter published on his website, “Time’s Up” announced the creation of a fund to finance legal support for the women and men who are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. The organization has already collected 13 out of the 15 million dollars it had set as the amount for this fund.


“Often, the harassment persists because the stalkers do not pay ever the consequences of their actions,” explains the group in a “letter of solidarity” on its website.


This letter, which begins, “Dear sisters” and ends with ” in solidarity “, has also been published on a full page in the New York Times and in the newspaper Spanish language La Opinion.


Including among its signatories the actresses Cate Blanchett, Ashley Judd, Natalie Portman and Meryl Streep, the president of Universal Pictures Donna Langley, but as feminist writer Gloria Steinem, the lawyer and ex-chief of staff to Michelle Obama Tina Chen and the co-president of the Nike Foundation Maria Eitel.


Waitresses, domestic workers


The project focuses on those with paid jobs do not allow them to defend themselves, agricultural workers, domestic workers, janitors, factory workers and waitresses.


“We urge the media covering the revelations of Hollywood personalities to devote as much time to the myriad of experiences of people employed in sectors that are less glamorous and valued “, indicates the movement of the women of Hollywood.


It brings its support to ” every woman employed in the agriculture sector that has had to fend off the advances of his boss, every domestic who tried to escape to a guest that is aggressive, every night guard locked up at night in a building with a top predator, every waitress pelotée by a client and supposed to take it with a smile “.


Last month, the p.-d. g. Ford Jim Hackett had apologized to the employees of two plants in Chicago, promising changes after the publication of an article in the New York Times reporting of the facts of sexual harassment and alleged abuses including employees of the automobile manufacturer would have been victims.


“Time’s Up” also calls for there to be more women in positions of power, as well as wages and opportunities for women equal to those of men in the film industry. “We are also committed to continue to push for real changes in our own field, in order to make the industry of show business is a place that is safe and fair for all “, adds the letter.


The organization, which was formed in mid-December, and is first called the Commission on sexual harassment and equality in the workplace ” before changing the name, also calls on the women who will participate in the evening of the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 7, to wear black as a sign of protest against the racial inequalities and sexism.