The words of the year (6/6): “Fake news,” the real fake news

Image: The Duty
The phrase “fake news” began to circulate on american tv in the 1990s to refer to the new questionable, often sensational, disguised as info of interest.

Freud would have said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sub-heard that sometimes a cigar is not a symbol of a penis, so that he, the progenitor of psychoanalysis, saw them everywhere. Similarly, sometimes, a fake news is nothing but a false news.


Journalism, according to another famous formula, once decanted the juice, boils down to a discipline of verification. The non-respect of the basic rule is disseminate around or anything.


Small errors abound in the media, on the names, dates, statistics by example. The large errors, the true real fake news, seem to be rather rare, but they exist.


TVA issued this month info poorly verified and in any way unfounded on a construction site near a mosque in the neighborhood of Côte-des-Neiges in Montreal. The prime minister Couillard himself has denounced a ” report without foundation “.


There is, therefore, of these real fake news.


And then there are the fake news, the next word in this series on vocabulary marking of 2017. The dictionary Collins has designated the term apocryphal as the concentrate of the year, after you have chosen the post-truth in 2016. This collection has the following in the ideas of the language.


The truth if I lie


The term fake news has begun to circulate on american tv in the 1990s to refer to the new questionable, often sensational, disguised as info of interest. The republican candidate, and then president Donald Trump, himself the former host of reality television, has integrated the formula accusingly at his rhetoric, anti-traditional media in addition to attribute the paternity, which is in itself a falsehood. In 2016, the use of the term has soared 365 % in markers of Collins.


In the world of Donald Trump, a fake news it is disinformation or info purposely faked by the journalists in order to harm him or harm his political movement. It’s just a grain of judgment, and instead held that, in the vast majority of cases, Mr. Trump denounces, in fact, info that do not like but which are nevertheless based.


The few false news produced and broadcast by mainstream media are quickly withdrawn after an apology. A case is presented when a journalist at the Washington Post has published on his Twitter account a photo of a room little filled before the president gave a speech in front of a sellout crowd. He was himself, and very quickly corrected the error, while apologizing.


The problem is obscured when one remembers that Donald Trump is a champion forger of the info. The new president has exhausted battalions of the auditors of the facts. Dated as of November 15, the Washington Post had already identified 1628 claims presidential false or misleading, to an average of 6 per day.


The lie planned


But the fake news, they are also the false news created knowingly to harm in the context of the struggles of politico-ideological. The great dematerialization in relays constantly. Breitbart News former eminence grise trumpienne Stephen Bannon, in fact, almost a specialty.


Social media has been accused of serve as resonance boxes for these lies désinformant that undermine the public debate and undermine democracy. Pointed, Facebook, which was used to relay the misinformation of the Russian anti-Clinton during the last presidential campaign, tested solutions.


One of them mark a red flag the information to be questionable. Alert icon proved to be ineffective and even counter-productive. Facebook is considering now to offer links to sites patches.


And then, y a-t-he worse blind than he who refuses to see the truth and the lies in the face ? The columnist of the National Post’s Rex Murphy, still biting, recalled last week that the largest producer of fake news has been installed in the White House, in part because the traditional media have not understood his revolution by walking.


For example, by propagating ad nauseam the fallacy that the candidate Hillary Clinton was going to win. The day of the vote, The New York Times assured of victory at 94 %. The real reality has put a couple of hours to catch up with it, the United States and the world…