The world’s deposits of sea salt is polluted with plastic waste


In the result of the environmental pollution of plastic particles are deposited on the sea salt. Learned of American scientists, when he studied samples of salts that are bought in stores around the world.

All were studied more than 10 kinds of sea salt. It turned out that American citizens annually together with salt use more than 660 plastic particles which are deposited on the crystals.

Specialist at new York University sherry Mason noted that the problem of environmental pollution with plastic is now under the scrutiny of environmentalists. The fact that the plastic almost does not decompose, and getting into the sea or ocean, the debris accumulates and forms the entire island of waste.

Speakers at the meetings of the United Nations, environmentalists are sounding the alarm, because every year in the water of the oceans gets more than 12 tonnes of plastic. Today plastic waste particles can be present in seafood, beer, and even in ordinary drinking water and the air.

From the plastic in the ocean affects not only people, but animals. They, feeling the remnants of food, might accidentally swallow the plastic container and die from it. According to the degree of threat environmentalists pose environmental pollution plastic next to climate change.

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