The world’s largest telescope has found 11 new pulsars

Крупнейший в мире телескоп обнаружил 11 новых пульсаров

Chinese radio telescope FAST (Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope), which currently is the largest in the world, since the launch was able to discover 11 new pulsars, said Tuesday the State astronomical Observatory of China.

According to the newspaper China Daily, since the launch of the telescope in September 2016, he discovered 51 the star, whose characteristics are similar to pulsars, and 11 of them were confirmed by observatories in other countries like new pulsars.

Pulsars — rotating with high velocity neutron stars, which emit strongly periodic pulses of electromagnetic radiation. Scientists first discovered them in the late 1960-ies, due to this periodicity of the signals took to be the “voice” of extraterrestrial civilizations. However, this feature of the pulses is a consequence of the rotation of the pulsar comes from its magnetic poles beams of electromagnetic radiation at the rotation regularly “touch” the Ground.