Theological argued with Pugacheva for the g

Богословский поссорился с Пугачевой из-за ноты соль

Theological argued with Pugacheva for the g
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In may celebrated 105 years since the birth of the popular composer and wit.

Nikita Bogoslovsky – the author of music for the songs “Dark night”, “Scows full of mullet”, “Favorite city”, “Three years I dreamed of you” and many others. Man, he was not only talented, but very funny. About jokes Nikita Bogoslovsky is legendary. At the time the correspondent “KP” was lucky enough to visit at his home in the house on Kotelnicheskaya embankment. We asked the Maestro about his jokes.

Mark Bernes and naked officials

– You know, I often attribute other people’s jokes, – said “KP” Theological. – I will tell only about those cases in which he participated. Before the war we lived with the singer mark Bernes at the hotel. Music, fun, light wine… And from the next room into the wall someone annoying knocks and knocks. As it turned out, lived there some official. Then mark picks up the phone and dials them: “Sorry, calling you on duty on the floor. We accept party delegation to foreigners and have to settle them in your room. You might not be able to move to the Banquet hall below – it just is empty. And tomorrow come back. Clothes do not need to take – for their safety we are responsible.”

These two officials down in their pajamas in the Banquet hall, and there… an official reception, which honored American pilot Charles Lindbergh, who was the first without landing, flew across the Atlantic. The officials then tried to figure out who called them in the room, but where there…

Visit yoga

Something similar happened back at the house in the author’s own drawings. Once in the apartment of the art Theater actor Mikhail Yanshin’s phone rang. It was Nikita Bogoslovsky: “Man, get to me, I got the exotic – in the USSR just a couple of days to tour the Indian yogi arrived. I persuaded the guys from the Ministry of culture. They brought him home to me. Such miracles get up!” After some time, Yanshin was in the apartment of his friend. The apartment is dark, and out of the kitchen Peeps Nikita Vladimirovich, and naked: “Come on, quickly take off your clothes as I am!” “Why?!” perplexed guest. “What do you mean! It so you can’t see – the clothes hide your energy, and it needs you to feel,” the Theological left and disappeared into the kitchen.

Intrigued Yanshin undressed and, naked, stepped into the room… And then the ceiling erupted chandelier that illuminated the elegantly set table with people his Theological friends. The composer made a bet with my friends saying that I’ll get naked, people’s artist of the USSR Mikhail Yanshin’s. And won the argument!

The angel and devil

In his youth, years in 12, Nikita Bogoslovsky some reason, flipping through the phone book and saw “Angels angel Angelovich”. This combination seemed to him a joke: typing a number and politely asked: “the Hell of Certovica?” Scolded him, he threw up, but after that a couple of times doing this room for friends and guests… it’s been over 50 years and once pulled in St. Petersburg, Theological was looking for something in the phone book, and suddenly, as greetings from childhood: “Angels angel Angelovich”! He dialed the number and politely asked: “the Hell of Certovica?” Old voice with irritation and said: “You’re still alive, bastard?”

Last joke of the master

His last wife Alla Sivashova was younger Theology for almost 40 years. Before his death in the hospital of Theology was written on the recipe black marker: “I love you Alka”. And even after four days was in a coma, told his wife: “Allah, take me home.”

– You’re four days I was unconscious?!

That without class consciousness?

The doctors, who was there applauded. It was the last joke master.

By the way

Born as “Scows full of mullet”

Two popular songs – “Dark night” “Barges full of mullet” was written in Theological order of the Director of the film “Two soldiers” by Leonid Lukov. Bows could not mentally remove the episode when a soldier writes a letter home. The Director decided that the best feelings of the hero will give the song. Addressed to the composer Nikita Theological and poet Vladimir Agatov. In just a few hours the poet wrote the words that touched Theological, and he invented music. Performed by Mark Bernes song “Dark night” became a hit.

Later, when writing songs for the record, the first batch was defective. As it turned out, the matrix was spoiled by the tears of a woman-a technique that was crying listening to the song…

After mark Bernes, who played in the movie the main role, performed “Dark night”, the Director offered the same authors to come up with another song, have fun, street, Odessa. With its theological roots of intelligent did not understand how to write prison. Then the Newspapers put an ad “with a request that all persons with knowledge of the Odessa song, come to the Studio”. The next day, the multitude came – “from renowned doctors to the types that cause surprise at the fact that they are still at large.” Based on what he heard Bogoslovsky composed music, and Agates wrote to her Odessa text. After the release of the film song “barges full of mullet” went viral. While officially it is not recommended for performance and was not published as ideologically incorrect.

Reference “KP”

Bogoslovsky composed music for 120 films, and 49 animated cartoons created about 200 songs, among which, besides those already mentioned, “Sleeping mounds of dark”, “Lizaveta,” “Why you to me have not met”, “Soldier’s waltz”. He is the author of eight symphonies, symphonic music of the story “Vasily Terkin”, the ballet “the Kingdom of crooked mirrors”, 17 operettas and musical comedies. Fruitful Theological and worked with famous playwright Leonid Gaidai: his music sounds in the film “Dog Mongrel and unusual cross” and “Bootleggers”.

Богословский поссорился с Пугачевой из-за ноты соль

Alla Pugacheva claimed to have made of “primitive Theology of the song” smash hit. Photos: Igor MIKHALEV/RIA Novosti

Star wars

“Cuckoo” of discord

The song “the Cuckoo” (“You, cuckoo, cuckoo, come on”) in the performance of Alla Pugacheva to this day is remembered and loved by many. She wrote Theological, in 1984, on poems by Mikhail Plackowska at a slower pace, in the style of a waltz. And Pugacheva took and reworked the music for themselves. Such freedom is wounded composer heart. She Alla had told the story:

– I sang his “Cuckoo”. Sang, in my opinion, bad. And suddenly it became popular. On the anniversary of the Fradkin is the author of “the Cuckoo” was all to say: “You have heard “Cuckoo”? This is not my song. There she changed the f-sharp on salt. I had a brilliant song and she ruined it”. And everybody was silent. He comes up to me: “You know, what you sing is not my song.” Answer: “Time is not yours, then more will get me.” Theological and suddenly became nervous, “No, wait a sec…” Followed by a burst of laughter…

The implicit opposition of the Theological and Pugacheva continued. And even in his interviews in those years they sometimes let each other spears.

– This is actually my enemy, it hates me just, – told the singer in 1984 at a press conference. – For what – I don’t know. I came from France, and it’s already here the rumor that I had fallen. 57 tickets were sold only in France. Stuff some flogged. There is not a single ticket was not there all invited. This is not humor, it’s villainous humor. In General, it did not develop our relationship with him. Suddenly he sends me a package, and put the piano score of the song: “Madame, try. Theological”. Think of it, Beethoven! Song “Cuckoo” is called. Ku-ku. There is only the “ku-ku” was not. So I have inserted. I took this monstrous primitive song, the guys brought in, we’ve done reggae. The smash-hit, friends, the smash-hit Theological I did!