Theological hit Chervonenko in the air of 112 Ukraine (video)

Богословская ударила Червоненко в эфире 112 Украина (видео)

On Tuesday, August 28, former MP Inna Bohoslovska in the live broadcast of the political talk show “Pulse” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” hit of the former Minister of transport and communications Yevhen Chervonenko.

Theological angered phrase Chervonenko, who is to reply “I’m in the market language, not talking” said the ex-MP, what is she talking like that “when it comes for the money”.

Theological shouting “what money?” rushed to Chervonenko and tried to hit him in the face, but he managed to lean on. After that, politicians separate the leading talk show.

The main political talk show of the country airs on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” every Tuesday at 19:30. During the broadcast asking leading officials and experts pointed questions and discuss the most important questions of life. An important role in communicating with government officials, politicians and experts is given to the audience who can ask questions and get answers in real time.

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