There is a video terrible accident in Odessa with surveillance cameras

Появилось видео страшного ДТП в Одессе с камер наблюдения

The moment of terrible accident at the intersection in Odessa with participation of the car of BMW, where two people died and four were injured, was caught on video surveillance cameras.

Video published the edition “Duma” (caution, video contains shocking footage and is not recommended for people with weak nerves).

The video shows the car at full speed comes at people at the intersection.

We will remind that in Odessa Fontanskaya road BMW “flew” in the Skoda. Two people died and four were injured.

The alleged perpetrator of the accident in Odessa early was seen in the street races. Now the driver is detained in the detention center, where it will wait for the election to it measures of restraint. Prosecutors will ask for detention without an alternative of bail.

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