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3 years ago, Alex Norman, and Marie-Josée Lalande left the trays of tv where they worked to engage in the production of video. Today, the nomadic digital behind Alex & MJ-On the GO manage to live their services of videographers traveling the world most of the year.

The light bulb went on in the mind of Alex, host of a tv show in Toronto at the time. “I was tired of the routine. So I approached MJ, who was assistant director and a traveler seasoned, with the idea of starting a chain of travel videos”.

The duo at the dawn of the thirties had, however, no intention to make money with this project at the outset. “We just wanted to experience a trip and see where it would lead us”.

Videographers have worked hard on their personal projects for almost two years before they receive an income with their platform.

To ensure a degree of liquidity during this period, the couple has developed an understanding of content production with their former employer TFO and canal Évasion.

The chain of television of the franco-ontarian has hired the duo to produce capsules for children’s and youth program FlipTFO while Escape were paid to the room for reports of the trip. “It has enabled us to have a salary recurrent for a while and we backer, “explains Marie-Josée.

“Vloggueurs”, infuenceurs, videographers and trainers

The native of Ottawa and Gatineau have developed several types of “products” through the years to ensure an influx of cash. Last year, they launched the Filmmakers On the Go, on-line training in which offers its members courses in direction, editing and other tips to refine their techniques for videographers.

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In addition to this training fee, which is attracting new faithful every week, Alex and Marie-Josée rely on the creation of corporate videos during their few months on canadian soil to replenish their coffers. “We realized about fifty videos for clients from all walks of life, of pastry cakes handmade to the real estate agent since we started in business,” says Alex.

During his visit to the country, the couple also take the opportunity to participate in conferences in schools or events on the journey to earn a slight surplus of money.

The remainder of the year, Alex and Marie-Josée travel all around the planet. “We choose our destinations according to three criteria: a cost-of-living is lower than here, a good internet connection to continue to work and somewhere where I never went back,” laughs Marie-Josée, who has more than 50 different destinations behind the tie.

In trip, the couple develops partnerships of”exchange of services” with local companies. “We will contact companies that we are interested in proposing to conduct one or more of the videos for their company for free in exchange for their services. For example: one could travel for 30 days with a travel company organized in Africa in exchange for 7 vlogues travel,” says Alex.

They were able to try this model of exchange of services with fifty companies around the world, from New Zealand to Indonesia, and thus living a unique experience without paying a penny.

Recently, Alex and Marie-Josée have launched the challenge of making one video per day for a year on their social networks to discuss topics related to their life style. “It’s not really money with it. This is primarily to increase the commitment of our community and enhance our portfolio,” said Alex.

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The way of nomadism digital: a conscious decision

Explore new destinations while working may seem enticing, but it is important to be aware of the reality of the thing according to Alex and Marie-Josée.

“Be nomad digital, it means to love travel, be your own boss and have a flexible schedule without too much of a routine. But it also involves a lot of hard work constantly without having a large influx of cash from the start,” according to Alex.

In a video on Facebook, the couple found work 10 to 12 hours per day 7 days on 7. “The last time we took a day off, it was Christmas,” says Marie-Josée.

“We feel far away from family and friends from time to time also. Life goes on for everyone and when we come back, it is sometimes shifted to our loved ones because we are no longer in their life.”

Alex also advises anyone wishing to adopt this mode of life to have a “small financial cushion” in order to “facilitate the transition to this universe.”

“When we started at the beginning, we had 6000 $ each for our round the globe. People often think that it is necessary to 30 000 $ or 40 000 $ aside to do this, but if you travel smartly, you can get there without spending too much”.

In the same vein, Marie-Josée offers to choose wisely his destinations according to his financial capabilities. “Yes, a ticket to Asia or Latin America is expensive, but the cost of living made there represents peanuts if compared to the western countries”, adds Alex.

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Also, the couple wants to demystify the fact that living abroad is necessarily more expensive. “It takes time to settle down for a long time in places where the cost of living is cheaper. For example: renting a villa for a month in Bali, one is entitled to a flat rate that we would not have if we stayed only a week,” says Marie-Josée. “Also, having our home, we can cook and save money on restaurants”.

“When we are here, we spend a lot of money in housing, since we do not yet have a permanent home, and outings with our loved ones. In Bali, we déboursait 1550 $ per month all expenses included for both. It is sure that there was not excess, but we managed to live very well with that budget all the same”, specifies Alex.

Is this the couple’s account to ask luggage somewhere once and for all? This is a question which remains fairly nebulous. At the present time, Alex, and Marie-Josée seek a return to the african continent without thinking too far ahead. “If we love it, we go with the flow. It is not really the type to predict the future,” says Alex.

You can follow their adventures on their page Facebook, Instagram or their YouTube channel.