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Photo: E?ditions Cartier Foundation for contemporary art


We knew director, we knew attracted by the aesthetics of the uncanny, of mystery and quirky, and it is found in harmony with his universe in Nude, a series of pictures in black and white or in color, revealing the amazing magic and diversity of the body of women. The eye peeping Lynch is sometimes blurred, focused, or concentric, fragmented, but still obsessive on the detail of a nail, the pigment of a lip or the evocation of a silhouette. A diving formidable in the heart of a creation which remains enigmatic even when she tries to do it in the nude.
★★★ 1/2


“376 selfies to Montreal”

What a strange object, which brings together a suite of égoportraits of Montreal drawn by the cartoonist to grasp by the way, by this mode very contemporary communication by the image and the image of the self, the spirit and the stories of humans that shapes a city. The exercise is played in the framework of the celebrations of the 375th anniversary of Montreal for three months on her blog before you end up in a book. There appear drawings of a few famous friends, including Guy Delisle, Hervé Bourhis, Jean-Louis Tripp, Jimmy Beaulieu, Lewis Trondheim and many others.
★★★ 1/2

Nude / 376 selfies to Montreal

David Lynch, Editions Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris, 2017, 240 pages / Philippe Girard, Soup electric Comics, Québec, 2017, 130 pages