Thierry Marx, former offender : Theft, Bastons… “It was violent” !

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Thierry Marx – charity Gala “with Autism without borders 92” to the town hall of Levallois-Perret, france, on may 26, 2016. © Denis Guignebourg/Bestimage

The leader made the revelations confusing.

We know Thierry Marx, the head chef, but not Thierry Marx, the author and even less… the enfant terrible. On the occasion of the release of his book It does not die with a full mouth (editions new Blood), the former member of the jury of Top Chef (M6) is assigned to the fact that he had not always held in tile when he was younger and he lived in the city of Bois-l’abbé.

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“People had no job, stayed in the city and this is how it has begun to haunt the stairwells. We do not move. Of course we flirted with delinquency. We have all been able to switch in the big crap, the addiction. We had the chance to limit themselves to the theft of mopeds, to cars, to the fighting. To mark our territory. The cellars were marked, but not too much yet,” said Thierry Marx, in a first time. After that, he admitted that “it was violent between the Gypsies and the people of the cities” : “it is Often the Friday evening, we met up again at les Halles to get cum on the mouth, to piss off everyone.” Fortunately, the head chef of the Mandarin Oriental has found the right path thanks to the brazilian jiu-jitsu, a combat sport which has allowed him to accomplish personally.

But this “resurrection” was not far removed from the horrors of this world. During a trip to Mexico, he has been a witness of the war between the Medellin cartel and Sinaloa : “I have seen so many dead every night, executions, decapitations, stuff horrible that I told myself that there was still some ways more elegant to take someone’s life.”

The atrocities that have inspired him for his literary work.

The full interview of Thierry Marx is to be found in the VOD of October 11, 2017.

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