How thinner wallets citizens of Ternopol?

grivni-300x2971-300x218How have prices since the beginning of the year, we can see by going to the store or market. Someone grabs the head of a disappointment, but someone seems to be the new value is acceptable. Everyone appreciates the situation subjectively. The overall objective picture can only give people a professional approach to the analysis of the value of goods and services on the market – statistics.

– The tendency of price change, we monitor rates by a special technique – explain methods of statisticians at the press koferentsiyi First Deputy Chief of Statistics in Tatiana Grischuk. – In total, 335 goods and services in the same retail outlets such observations conducted in the cities of Ukraine. In our area – in Ternopil, Kremenets and soup. In Ternopil recorders examined 396 commercial, 295 service companies, 16 urban markets. Total monthly specialists recorded about five thousand separate price values.

According to Tatiana, in November this year relative to December 2013, prices rose by 21.8%. Most significantly – by 40.7% increased the cost of fruit. 32.7% more expensive processed cereal in t. H. Buckwheat groats – by 37.9%, wheat – by 36.4%, wheat flour – by 32.3%, semolina – by 28.6%. Meat and meat products became more expensive by 28.5%, including beef – 43.7%, poultry – by 37.9%, pork – by 29.4%. At 24.9% increase in prices of bread and bakery products. In health care prices increased by 25.9%. Most – 34.4% – more expensive pharmaceuticals. Clothing and footwear became more expensive by 18.8%.

– The rise in prices (tariffs) for housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels in November 2014 compared to the first December 2013 at 30.7 per cent was due to higher prices (tariffs) for natural gas by 62.8 percent, hot water – 34.3, sewerage – 33.7, heating – 27.8, water – 21.8, electricity – 11.3, rent – 9.8 percent – said Tatiana.

Since in our area for many years kept the lowest salary in Ukraine, most inhabitants of the province consume relatively cheap products – bread, potatoes, milk. We spend 52% of their earnings on food – are eating.

Management Experts pointed out that the website of the Main Department of Statistics in Ukraine and the State Statistics in the sections “Statistical Information” / “Prices and Tariffs”, ” Express issues “/” Consumer price index “can view interesting information regarding prices and tariffs.

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