This Buick GNX for sale is still new 32 years later

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In 1987, Buick only produced 547 examples of the GNX. And the 480th unit is for sale on the site


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Three days of the end of the auction, the highest bet amounts to 106 000 US$, the equivalent of about 141 000 $ CAN.

Sold new by the dealer Ralph’s Buick, there are thirty-two years, she then played the star in the window of a garage in Texas. The one who is the present owner acquired it in 2002. Since that time, it is preserved in a temperature controlled warehouse. The car is currently located in Greenville, Wisconsin.


As well, the car has hardly rolled up to this day. His meter shows 8.5 miles, which represents approximately 13.7 kilometres.

In addition we learn that the sheet of window is included, the ad mentions that the seats are still covered with protective plastic original. The protective film from the factory, has never been peeled off of the dashboard.

The tires, Goodyear Eagle VR50, are those of the original. The hubs on which we can read the inscription “GNX” had never been posed.


A version more powerful of the famous Grand National

Developed in partnership between Buick and McLaren Technologies/ASC, the GNX (Grand National Experimental) was only available in black.

It is distinct from the Grand National conventional by its wheels 16-inch black aluminum, the replacement of logo on the wings by the air intakes, gauges Stewart Warner and a plate indicating the unit number on the passenger side of the dashboard.

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Under the hood is a V6 3.6 L that is fitted with a turbocharger, Garrett T3. In relation to the transmission, it is an automatic transmission Hydramatic 200-4R four reports.

The GNX could travel the quarter-mile in as little as a mere 12.7 seconds.

In 1987, the MSRP of this car was $ 29 290 $ US.