This company helps children from underprivileged backgrounds

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Do a good deed while having the feet to the latest fashion. This is what is offered by House of Massy, a company that aims to provide socks to children in need.

Portrait of an initiative that has required her to pandemonium.

Virginie Robert de Massy rolled his hump in the events management for several years before launching House of Massy. “I’ve assessed all the possible projects in events to give back to the needy but nothing interested me”.

The desire to make a difference germ for two years in his mind. “One day, I discovered that the bottom given to works of charity were not kept for matters of hygiene. This is where the idea of starting my own company to address this problem came to me”.

In order to start his company, the entrepreneur makes a call to a campaign sociofinancement on Kickstarter with the goal of raising 10 000 $. The amount is finally reached in three weeks.

Virginie Robert de Massy at the centre.

Virginia has a target clear : the underprivileged children of the metropolis. “We often think that the children are far from us who live in precarious situations, but here also there is a. Much the same. So, I wanted to allow them to regain a bit of dignity and comfort through my project”. According to the report Vital Signs 2017 of the Foundation of Greater Montreal, approximately 35% of the districts low-income canadians were to be found in Montreal.

The manager wants to establish a business model based on the “one for one”. For each pair of socks purchased, a fresh pair is given to a child in need through a local organization. With the customer’s zip code, House Massy is an organization nearby who will take charge of the distribution down to the child at two periods of the year or at back-to-school and Holiday season.

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Socks, ranging between $ 12 and $ 20 per pair, are not made in China like most major retailers, but in Italy, and are made of cashmere and wool. “I wanted my products are of quality and that no child is involved in the manufacturing process. It seemed logical to me”. Virginia would like to possibly do business with a toronto-based firm for the supply of socks in order to reduce the ecological footprint of his company.

To this day, House of Massy gave 600 socks to the children of Montreal.

Eat its down for the cause

For the moment, the company set up by Virginia last November does not allow him to pay his bills alone. “I’m going to be honest, this is not my business who is going to make me live this month,” says the manager, who continues to work in event management. “However, I am convinced that there is a place in the market for a business like mine”. The business woman wishes House of Massy will become a reference in terms of the online shop in Quebec in the coming years.

She and her team of eight people working hard to promote the company. “We try to be the latest fashion, while managing inventory and marketing strategy. It is quite a challenge!”

In the long term, the entrepreneur aspires to help more individuals in need as possible. “I wish I could give bas to all the world. Whether for single mothers or homeless people, I would like to that everyone has good low warm”.