This ephemeral bar pink and completely EXTRA you will revert to your childhood (or have nightmares)

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Imagine you have a bar that actually looks like a decor of a children’s party or to the home of a unicorn… Creepy or incredible?

Well this is what is proposed in the ephemeral bar that has established Patrice Plante, better known by his company name, Mr. Cocktail, and her team.



Called Pinkaroo, the bar located on avenue Maguire in Quebec city is in fact a bar of dreams. Its decor is almost all pink with lots of decorations, fun will definitely make you fall back into childhood (or nightmares). Never seen before in the universe of the bars, that’s for sure!



The cocktails are top-of-the-line, they are simply EXTRA. Wait for you to color – in flash, toppings such as candy or sweets, and sweet flavours, but delicious. You can also accompany your cocktail of cute pastries colored also.


The bar revolves also around the theme of dreams, as a certain amount per cocktail sold (with or without alcohol) will be given as a gift to the foundation Dreams of a Child.



Pinkaroo officially opened its doors on 14 February. It will be open until the 17 February, and during the two weekends following.

Pinkaroo Pop-Up
1326 avenue Maguire, Quebec
Open from 17h till late…

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