Three resignations at CNN after the withdrawal of an article on Trump

Three CNN journalists resigned following the withdrawal of an article stating that the US Congress was investigating the relationship of Trump team members with a Russian investment fund, a decision welcomed by the US president, for whom The information channel is a “false medium”.

He was the author of the article, Thomas Frank, one of the members of the editorial team, Eric Lichtblau and the head of the investigative cell, including the first two, Lex Haris.

The article was posted on CNN’s website on Thursday, before being withdrawn on Friday. It has never been picked up or mentioned on the airwaves of the American news channel.

Already very critical of CNN, one of his favorite targets, Donald Trump quickly responded to the announcement of departures within the chain.

“The fake CNN media is considering big changes in its coaching, now that they have been caught publishing their bogus Russian articles,” tweeted the president of the United States Tuesday morning.

“They took the fake CNN hand in the bag,” he continued, “but what about NBC, CBS and ABC? What about the failures of the New York Times and the Washington Post ? These are all false media! ”

The article on CNN’s website assured that the Senate Intelligence Commission was investigating the links between members of the Trump team and this investment fund, controlled by the Russian bank VEB, under state sanctions United States and Europe since 2014 and the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

According to the author, who quoted an anonymous source, in another survey, the US Treasury Department would be interested in one of the members of the transition team of businessman Donald Trump Anthony Scaramucci, who reportedly met with the fund’s chief executive on January 16, a few days before the new president’s inauguration.

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According to CNN media journalist Brian Stelter, officials said at a meeting Monday that the withdrawal did not necessarily mean that the information reported was false, but “the article was not strong enough to Be published as such “.

The three journalists who have resigned are seasoned journalists with an excellent reputation. At the New York Times , Eric Lichtblau received the Pulitzer Prize in 2006.

It was a blow to CNN, which had announced earlier this year the creation of an investigation team, composed of its best investigative journalists and reinforced by several recruits.

These included rivaling the New York Times , the Washington Post and, to a lesser extent, Politico and the Wall Street Journal , all of which strengthened their investigative teams to cover the new Trump administration.