Three teenagers from the school Samuel-De Champlain plead not guilty

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Three pupils of the secondary school Samuel-De Champlain, Quebec, have pleaded not guilty to the head of distribution of child pornography that has been brought against them.

The three teenagers aged 13 and 14 years old, who have shared intimate photos of a student of 13 years, appeared for the first time in front of a judge in the Youth Room on Tuesday.

Supendus, and then reinstated

These include students who had been suspended by the school last December, and whose case had been mediated. The complainant had also been suspended.

Some had to do work at home and others had to take their course in a separate class to limit contact with the adolescent.

They have all reintegrated into the school of the Beauport sector since the return of the Holiday season.

The Crown has presented the evidence to the defense Tuesday during a brief court appearances. The parties will be back in court in march at the stage of orientation.

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