Tiger Woods is ” fun ” to play golf with Donald Trump

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The old N. 1 in the world Tiger Woods said on Wednesday that it was ” fun ” to play recently golf with Donald Trump, but he refused to mention the level of play of the president of the United States, a great fan of the discipline.

“We had a lot of fun,” said Woods on the eve of the kick-off in Los Angeles, the Genesis Open, test circuit american professional golf (PGA).

The ” Tiger “, winner of 14 titles in the Grand Slam, did not want to go into the details of this party, which was also attended by the legendary Jack Nicklaus.

“The president, Trump has been very busy in Washington and has not played a lot of golf, it does not have the tan that goes with it “, simply stated the former undisputed king of golf, income in the first plan in 2018 after four seasons disastrous and the same number of operations back.

The topic is indeed delicate. Trump, who owns numerous golf courses, is regularly criticized for the weekends that he goes to play golf, including to Mar a Lago, Florida (south-east).

Anxious to avoid any controversy and to preserve his image, Woods, who was long the athlete the best paid of the planet, recalled that he had also played in January with former president Barack Obama.

“I had the chance to play with two presidents in recent weeks and I have enjoyed the two opportunities,” he concluded.

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