Tips of the MFA: how to behave abroad in case of emergency

Советы МИД: как вести себя заграницей в случае чрезвычайной ситуации

Tips of the MFA: how to behave abroad in case of emergency
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Diplomats suggest the Ukrainians to choose carefully tour operators to register in the consular system.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs issued advice to Ukrainians what to do in the event of unforeseen circumstances during the tour and how to avoid them. Advice posted on the foreign Ministry website.

After two hundred Ukrainians are stuck in the airport Sharm-El-Necks for a few days, the foreign Ministry has issued guidelines of conduct in emergency situations. In this regard, and given the beginning of the period of vacations/holidays foreign Ministry urged Ukrainians to take into account the following recommendations:

– carefully plan their travel, given the circumstances, which can unpredictably occur;

– carefully choose the tour operator, to obtain from him full information on action in case of emergency, contact details of companies and individuals, for which the clock can contact in case of force majeure circumstances;

– carefully examine the conditions of the contract on granting of tourist services;

– consider security in the country, the situation at international airports, which will be implemented through the journey;

– to register on the site of the Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine “Voluntary registration of Ukrainian citizens for travel abroad (“FRIEND” which is an effective tool to prevent, if necessary – search for and assist citizens of Ukraine in case of extreme events abroad .

– Information about passenger rights are posted on the web site of the State aviation service of Ukraine;

Practical recommendations, in case of cancellation of a flight specified on the website of the international airport “Borispol”;

If the problems at the airport

If the international airport has developed unforeseen circumstances, it is recommended to take the following measures:

– immediately communicate with the tour operator, airline or their representatives in the host country, the relevant airport services to find out the cause of the delay (cancellation) of flight, prospects and solutions questions, to obtain information about the order of accommodation, medical and other necessary assistance;

– to inform about the current status of the situation of relatives or acquaintances in Ukraine;
– immediately call the hotline of the Embassy or Consulate in the host country airport or on the clock “hotline” MFA: +38 044 238 16 57 the e-mail address .

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