Titov will ask Putin to allow the return of fugitive Russian businessmen

Boris Titov, the business Ombudsman and the leader of the “party of Growth” which announced plans to participate in presidential elections, claims that it has prepared for Vladimir Putin the list of the businessmen who left the Russian Federation, for fear of prosecution. Titov intends to ask Putin to let them back with the condition that they will reimburse the damage. He also added that he spoke with some fled from Russia businessmen at the forum in London.


They are absolutely normal guys, but can often be in wanted list through Interpol, because they brought to Russia a criminal case. Their only sin is that they didn’t want to go to jail, “- says Titov.
The business Ombudsman in this regard is intended to appeal to Putin with a request to solve the issue of “surnames”.

Their wanted list he will offer to cancel, the business must return with the condition of compensation in exchange for the cancellation of criminal cases. Titov also suggests that many of the runaway and is “hardly broke something”.

In particular, the Ombudsman commented on several of the “disgraced” business, among which Evgei Chichvarkin, the founder and former owner of “Euroset”, as well as the former head of “Bank of Moscow” Andrey Borodin.