To bowel cancer lead and food additives with iron content

Drugs that contain iron, doctors prescribe pregnant women and those suffering from severe forms monthly. Scientists have proven that these drugs can cause appearance of bowel cancer.

Swedish scientists conducted a study of drugs containing iron and their effects on the body of women. It is known that such medications are often prescribed for pregnant women and those who have the monthly pass is very severe. In the course of the study, it was found that such drugs can cause intestinal cancer even at very low dosages.

It is known that a harmful sodium citrate contained in food supplements with iron. This combination leads to an increase in the level of proteins that provoke the emergence of cancer. Swedish scientists came to the conclusion that the Fe-citrate is the carcinogenic substance, which increases the risk of developing amphiregulin marker for cancer that portends a very difficult tumor.

It is known that such assumptions are put forward not for the first time. Previously, scientists have proved that after swallowing pills of iron, within ten minutes may be destroyed the DNA of cells in the blood vessels. Excessive levels of iron in the body can lead to cancer after inclusion of genetic biological pathways.

Now scientists are asking women to think before taking such drugs, and to compensate for the lack of iron in the body through food, not drugs.