To buy special equipment from the plant “Avtomash”

The company “Avtomash” is one of the most advanced in the Russian Federation, which is engaged in the manufacture and sale of trailers, buses, on-Board and europlatform, isometric, special and Department vans since 2000.

At the moment the factory “Avtomash” leader in the improvement and transformation of such vehicle brands as: Hyundai, GAS and Isuzu. Thanks to the acquired experience of over seventeen years, the company now can produce more than hundred models of machines based on the chassis and side of the car.

On its official website the company “Avtomash” offers to your attention a vehicles with on-Board and Europlatforms, manufactured goods van, mobile shops, refrigerated vans, tankers, outside the sleeping bag, tow truck, evrobort 45 cubic meters, the shop vacuum tank. Read more in detail each of the models, you can online factory page. The link given in the description.
Also in the submitted directory, you will find trailers of three types (europlatform, Board and Department), cardan shaft for GAZ (prop shaft (the Business Gazelle), the driveshaft (the Gazelle of Nekst), the driveshaft(GAZ 3309; Valday), as well as services for the conversion, which is available to install europlatform, on-Board platform (for lengthening) and the van.
“Avtomash” in 2007, mastered and put on the conveyor new types of vans for a special purpose: shops on wheels,trucks and vans lab. Specially for this purpose employees of the company mastered new ways to fit the inside of the car.
Hiring a car or alterations to the official website of the plant OOO “Avtomash”, you will save your time and money.
It is important to note that since 2009 the company began the manufacture of trailers (small and medium capacity). These include flatbed trailer, vending trailer, and the trailer-van. At present the company develops its vehicles and parts.
Vans “Avtomash” made with the type approval of the vehicle in Russia. All products of the company corresponds to ISO 9001-2001 (international standards).
Recall that the plant OOO “Avtomash” deals not only with manufacturing new cars, but also retrofitting and installation of add-on cars/used quality that are registered on the account in traffic police.
So what would you order one of the above services from the company “Avtomash” – click on the direct link above in the description.