To the question of exchange of prisoners must be approached globally change all in all, not PR on behalf of Sentsov, journalist

К вопросу обмена пленных необходимо подходить глобально, менять всех на всех, а не пиариться на имени Сенцова, - журналист

To the question of exchange of prisoners to be approached globally, change “all for all” and not to PR on behalf of Oleg Sentsov. This broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” said the journalist Irina Tyrant, commenting on the upcoming meeting of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“I think she (Merkel – ed) will not engage one to, say, Oleg Sentsov, because naming Oleg Sentsov, we always forget that besides him there are a lot of other people, whose names are not known who also will get home and which to take back is also very important to us. What worries me is that the name of Oleg Sentsov operate many politicians who just spend their campaign, playing on a famous name, telling different things, calling for different effects, just the PR on this name,” she said.

“The question should be approached more globally, it is necessary to change all in all and this should be handled by people with experience in this exchange who can really negotiate about the exchange and already have a successful exchange over the shoulders…the First step took place, I’m not saying “all for all”, but before the exchange takes place, and many have already returned back to Ukraine. I think that this exchange “all for all”, we just need to make the policy a little forgotten about a PR campaign and actually do something. I think this is much more important than the future elections,” she added.

We will note, recently it became known that the participation of the head of “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk in the negotiation process for the first time spoke German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Medvedchuk is a Ukrainian representative in the negotiations on exchange of prisoners in the Donbass (part of the sub-group on humanitarian issues of the Trilateral contact group).

As is known, may 2014 Viktor Medvedchuk was negotiating with representatives of “LNR” and “DNR” for finding a peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbass. The result of the mediating negotiating group was the agreement to start a dialogue between the TAG (it includes representatives of the OSCE, Ukraine and Russia) and “DNR”, “LNR”. 23 and 27 June 2014 in this format were held two rounds of consultations, which resulted in an agreement on the introduction of ceasefire.

Viktor Medvedchuk says that negotiations on the exchange in the format of “all for all” is conducted continuously. Recall that in December last year, hosted the largest exchange according to the formula “306 74” (at the time of preparation of the exchange, Viktor Medvedchuk met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill).

As you know, thanks to the participation of Viktor Medvedchuk managed to release more than 480 of Ukrainian citizens.

К вопросу обмена пленных необходимо подходить глобально, менять всех на всех, а не пиариться на имени Сенцова, - журналист

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