To win, the Canadian will have to repeat the effort Thursday

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
The provision of the Habs has led to its spectacular victory of 2-1 in a shootout.

The Montreal canadiens took a step in front, holding the lead at the Tampa Bay Lightning in a match is removing from the beginning to the end, and in which he has not experienced radical reductions in regime. But Claude Julien and his players know that they are not out of the woods and that they must multiply their efforts like the one Thursday night to hope to win games and make substantial gains in classification of the Association Is.


The provision of the Habs — possibly one of his best this season — that led to its dramatic 2-1 victory in penalty kicks, came in the 41st game of the regular schedule.


It followed a series of disappointing performances, including five consecutive defeats, which started to create a lot of heaviness in the entourage of the team, who have sown the seed of doubt among his supporters and who have placed Canada in a position fort precarious.


Most importantly, it came after a meeting between players in the minutes that followed the defeat of Tuesday to face the San Jose Sharks and after a phone call from Julien to his leaders so that they take things in hand.


“It proves a lot,” said Julien, referring to the match that his troop has offered in the face of the leaders of the general standings of the NHL. “We are capable of playing against good teams when you start in the head well to compete. Now, the big challenge is how do you do to come back and give back the same effort. It is necessary that it becomes second nature. Need that guys used to say : “It is such that we have to compete match after match.” If you do that, it is sure that it will be a much better team. “


The contribution of Hudon


Mired in the worst lethargy of his career, Max Pacioretty is one of those who have responded well to the message of Julian. Thursday night, he displayed a lot of enthusiasm and fighting spirit from the first seconds of the match, and he kept up the pace to the point where it has been chosen as the third star of the meeting.


Most importantly, it has finally unlocked by touching the target at the beginning of the second period, after having lived through a multitude of moments of frustration. One of them occurred as early as the 23rd second of the game in the meeting when it was robbed by Andrei Vasilevskiy what seemed to be a sure goal.


“None of you can really understand what it is to live a sequence without scoring a goal, to frustrate its first presence on the ice during a match, to be denied a goal on his first presence with the next part,” said Pacioretty of the many journalists who surrounded him in the locker room.


“I had confidence in my game, but I couldn’t really express myself in this way because the results did not come and because the team didn’t earn. Now that we have won a match — and you can disagree with me, I can say that I’m really happy with my game and that of our trio in the last three or last four parties. I don’t know if it’s the addition of the “Hudy ” [Charles Hudon] right, but I makes the job much easier. It has a lot of composure when he is in possession of the puck, ” added the captain of the Canadian.


A bit like the said Julien, Pacioretty knows that there is still far from the cup to the lips.


“Do we tell no story. We know where we are. We have not scored a single goal this evening [Thursday] and we have had many opportunities. We have the chance to build from this game and play the excellent as soon as our next release. That is our goal, and that is something that we will need to make a gala evening. “