Today in Ukraine celebrates Day of Ukrainian writing and language

В Украине сегодня празднуют День украинской письменности и языка

Today, Friday 9 November, Ukraine celebrates the Day of Ukrainian writing and language, approved by presidential decree in 1997.

The main tradition of the holiday is considered a national radiodyktant in which can participate all interested persons. The campaign was created to promote the Ukrainian language, this year held for the 18th time.

The official slogan of the campaign of 2018 was #perimortem.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko congratulated Ukrainians on the page in Facebook.

“The strength and power of our state not only in numbers of the army, highly equipped Armed Forces and a developed economy, but I firmly believe the strength and power of our state and even in the Ukrainian book Ukrainian cinema, Ukrainian music, Ukrainian songs, and most importantly – in the Ukrainian language. Because language is the essence of our Ukrainian identity. Through language we learn about the world and finally ourselves. Now we are finally approved by the Ukrainian language component of the strength and success of our people is melodious, vibrant, diverse,” he wrote.

“Let the Ukrainian language everywhere sounds in full voice!” – wished the President.

The occasion also coincides with the day of commemoration of Nestor the Chronicler in the Orthodox calendar. Nestor the Chronicler known as the follower of creators of Slavic writing Cyril and Methodius and the author of the first chronicle describing the history of Kyivan Rus.

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