Tomboy Lena from Rennet aware of their sexuality by the age of 30

Пацанка Лена из  Ранеток  осознала свою сексуальность к 30 годам

Tomboy Lena from “Ranetok” aware of their sexuality by the age of 30 [photo, video]
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How has Lena from “Ranetok.” Photo: Instagram

Elena Tretyakova changed the bangs on the hair, eats right and does yoga.

Lena Tomboy of the group “Ranetki” admitted that he realized his sexuality only to 30 years, says “StarHit”. At the time of the start of filming of the show the girl was 17 years old. Now Elena Tretyakova 29, she is not afraid to grow up, and finds in it only pluses. Anyway, so the girl wrote in her Instagram.

– Understand one simple thing. After 27 years began to feel more free, more relaxed, after 28 and after 29 start wildly high. Yes, the face is a little not the time to recover after a stormy night required more, and the bags under your eyes sell you out, but on the opinion of society and the ridiculous standards didn’t care. You have more freedom, you already know who you are and where you’re going, who you need next, and with whom you can say goodbye. Your sexuality goes to a completely different level, you know more, feel brighter, often choose themselves rather than others. You’re not ashamed to say that you’re in the eternal flow of work, do not be ashamed to refuse appointments because your time for yourself has become more valuable than dozens. And yet, so forgive me my lovely divas of Instagram, you understand that true beauty is so far from the outside, that is truly sad that in this world of perfect bodies and individuals, negligible beautiful shower. And you have these rare souls can see in the distance. In General, tridtsatka, I’m waiting for you. I think we’ll get along. Of course, if you don’t bombanet me a midlife crisis, is shared with subscribers of Lena.

Now she eats right and does yoga, she lost 10 pounds. Despite the fact that “Ranetok” in the former part does not already exist, the participants of the staff is very friendly. Almost all have been blogging on youtube and remove friends.


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