Tomenko: “Budget 2015 should be a budget for survival oligarchs”

budjetCurrently, there is serious disagreement among policy makers that rely budget for next year, and the majority of MPs, experts and the public. This deputies of Ukraine Mykola Tomenko, commenting on air Cherkasy RSTBC “Ross” State Budget 2015 and the timing of its adoption in parliament.

– Based on the thesis that the head of government expressed that the budget 2015 budget should survive, it must survive budget for the oligarchs, not ordinary people – said Mykola Tomenko, reports its press office . – If it is necessary to take unpopular social measures, we support this. But while these unpopular measures the government wants to again apply to the most vulnerable categories – teachers, doctors, cultural workers and so on.

Instead, he believes, should be finally propose a system of so-called progressive taxation, which would give an opportunity to raise funds super rich and wealthy citizens. That is, money back from abroad, to tax the most profitable areas of business activity.

– So revenues in the budget should not seek in the pockets of ordinary citizens or small businesses, and a few percent Ukrainian oliharhatu that controls all the shadow economy and uses natural resources and budget for their own benefit – summed Nicholas stated.

He also said he did not understand the terms of the State Budget approval under certain date.

– It is important what the budget. If the optimal budget and just need to put more effort into that MPs should work not only plenary week 22-26 December, but, at least, and early next week – said the MP.

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