Torent tracker made the list viruses Windows Defender

Торент треккер попал в список вирусов Windows Defender

The user can add torrent client to the exceptions list.

The inbuilt Windows Defender antivirus Microsoft began to define torrent client uTorrent as a virus and block it, according to with reference to ExtremeTech.

It is noted that Microsoft is still in 2017 have dedicated a whole page uTorrent, calling it a potentially unwanted program and describing the risks associated with its use. It is noted that the program has a bad reputation and can harm the user’s computer.

Now antivirus companies began to default uTorrent place to quarantine and discontinue. Similarly, work antivirus from ESET, Sophos, TrendMicro, and others, which identify the program as malicious. At the same time, users still can manually add the torrent client to the exceptions list.

Representatives Of BitTorrent, Inc. said that marked as a virus only had one wersia torrent client, which is found in about 5% of users. They also added that no longer offer this version of the program users.