Toulouse: A police officer of the BRI accidentally killed during an exercise

(Photo illustration) of The police officers of the BIS, 1st September 2017 in Paris. — SIPA

Struck and killed by a shot. Wednesday afternoon, a police officer from a brigade of research and intervention (BRI) was accidentally killed during an exercise on the former air base of Francazal, announced the public prosecutor of Toulouse.

This police officer, whose identity was not revealed, was part of an exercise that is common to several BRI of France. A survey of fragrance for involuntary manslaughter was opened by the prosecutor of Toulouse to determine the circumstances of this accident.

According to the first elements of the investigation, it is based on a simulation of hostage-taking between two groups of police officers ” weapon at hand “, that the victim was hit by a bullet, has still shown the public prosecutor of Toulouse.

A training ground that is often used

The site of the former air base 101 Francazal, a dozen kilometres from Toulouse, which has many buildings, has been abandoned by the army air force in 2009. It is now used as a regular training ground for the forces of law and order.

There are more than a dozen of BIS in France, which are units of investigation and intervention of the judicial police, with particular skills in the area of intervention and counter-terrorism.

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