Tourlou 2017: do not adjust your device

Photo: Annik MH de Carufel Le Devoir
The judicious allocation of subjects is one of the best shots of this year-end review.

The arrival of Trump at the White House, the north Korean threat, the sale of C Series of Bombardier, Airbus, folder, Netflix, and the case of Weinstein are just a few of the reasons why we don’t regret 2017. And they have not escaped the vigilance of the Appendices which, with Tourlou 2017, their first year-end review, we do regret their presence weekly.


Bushy, disheveled, offbeat, playful, inventive : this first edition bears the mark of the Appendices. Of course, they will not make new fans. One can imagine the air of bemused non-insiders before Jacquelin (Jean-François Provençal) and Joçalain (Jean-François Chagnon) who bring the Internet into the real world, the sketch in cartoon private Detective, where Vladimir Putin and Jay The Temple adulterate the results of OD Bali, or The world of Mario puppet sequence psychotronique on the global warming. However, the Appendices will delight their followers, who wished that Tourlou become an annual tradition.


Beautiful reunion


If one has often been criticized for Bye Bye in the last years of feed to the tv and to pop culture, the Appendages have had the good sense to cast the net wider. Not need to know by heart the schedule of Radio-Canada or TVA or tubes of time to enjoy the (very) many gags and winks that abound during this time a dizzy where the seven accomplices type on the events, currents of society and the trends of the year by the mouths of their characters.


Thus, Guy (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé) and Rene (Sonia Cordeau), our beloved Kings of the Hand, scoff at the beliefs of véganes and greet the victims of the floods ; the trapped sergeant Alain Émond (Dominic Montplaisir) Laws explained sheds some light on the legalization of marijuana and on marriage between spouses of the same sex ; Louise (Sonia Cordeau), the eternal cold, manages the kerfuffle of highway 13. To the lost Objects, the manager (Jean-François Provençal) offers its employees the dolls Trump and Kim Jong-un, the newspaper of Mélanie Joly, a chronicle of Richard Martineau, and worse.


Spicy and punché


One of the best shots of this year-end review, it is the judicious allocation of subjects. Hats off to them for having thought of the Great geniuses (Sonia Cordeau, Dave Bélisle and Julien Corriveau) to talk about consent. If these three understand what it means to ” no ” at any time, the pigs no longer have an excuse ! While Mr. Mousteille (Corriveau) judge shamelessly young people, their behaviour and their use of social networks, in the program for children of Peg (Montplaisir) and Nipple (Bleed-through), each other, influencers, haters and ex-stars of reality tv shows take full the mouth.


Who else but the host of My opinion (Corriveau) would have been able to highlight with as much pomp the contradictions of Quebec on the freedom of expression, on racism, on immigration ? And what of Mr. Puel (Bélisle), which, in three sentences effective and incisive in ” Spanish “, is back on the political situation in Catalonia ?




For those who prefer the classic formula of the Bye Bye, to know that there is a parody of The voice (The nose) and Dave Bélisle delivers his personal version of Despacito. For those who are very fond of imitations of politicians, Jean-François Provençal, wig yellow corn glued on the head and foundation “poo cheese” to the cheeks, there goes a Donald Trump, which would make the true for a to be balanced. There is also Roy Dupuis that mimics Jean Chrétien…


Big fan of the Appendages, Roy Dupuis serves as the guide in this hour, we are transported back twenty-five years later, when the band wants to make up for lost time to be prepared Tourlou 1994 rather than Tourlou 2017. The discrepancy between the seriousness of the actor and the madness room is perfect.


In one of the skits the more delusional, Safia Nolin, flayed on social networks, becomes boss of the Internet who insult the stars, and sings joyfully, The world is crazy. Jubilant ! For his part, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is found on the plateau Sylvie meeting, where the facilitator (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé) appears more confused, more incompetent and more disconnected than ever. For the candy !


In short, with this review totally, which does not miss its target, adds to the great existential questions — the Beatles or the Rolling Stones ? Creamy or traditional ? Thigh or breast ? — : Tourlou or Bye Bye ?

Tourlou 2017

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