Toyota has announced safety system Safety Sense of the second generation

Toyota will begin equipping its cars with a package of safety systems Safety Sense-generation in 2018. The main difference of the second generation of the complex will be advanced computerized controls.


Thanks to finalize the design of a single-lens camera and radar sensor expands the functionality of the system warning of a frontal collision, and unintentionally leaving the traffic lanes. Representatives of the Japanese company are sure that cars with the Toyota Safety Sense II will be able to better recognize potential threats and prevent accidents.

A warning system about the danger of a collision was “taught” to determine the presence of the vehicle in front at a speed of from 10 to 180 km/h, and apply automatic braking if necessary. The Toyota Safety Sense II can prevent the appearance on the roadway, pedestrians and cyclists.

Control system lane traffic has got the option of keeping the machine in the center of the strip, the device detects the road even in the absence of markup. It is noted that the Toyota models sold in Japan, Europe and North America will be equipped with a new set of Safety Sense II at the same time. The company explained that the composition of the pack may vary depending on regional characteristics.