Toyota will equip its cars with a system of “communication” by 2021

Most automakers are taking small steps to achieve this goal, testing various systems that will allow cars to communicate with each other, with the road infrastructure and even pedestrians. Press-fighting service Toyota recently announced that these technologies will appear in the car no later than 2021.

Together with Lexus, Toyota will accelerate research in the field of short range communications (DSRC) that will allow you to use communication between vehicles (V2V) and infrastructure (V2I). DSRC allows you to broadcast accurate information about anonymous car several times per second, including location, velocity and acceleration.

This information can be used by other vehicles for information on the dangers of vehicles ahead, the signals, signs and road conditions. System, test, Toyota, does not require cellular network or data transmission.

“Three years ago we promised automatic emergency braking (AEB) for almost every vehicle that we sell by the end of 2017, and we vipolnil promise,” said Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota North America.

It is worth noting that the automaker did not say which company will help him with the equipment for the system. Several groups are working on these technologies, the largest of which is Qualcomm.